“Urine, Utopia, and Us”



Someone wiser than me (yes, that person exists) once said, “Don’t piss on me and then tell me it’s raining”. Well, it is in deed raining my friends and the showers are quite warm and golden.  Okay then, enough with the metaphors let’s get down to the point; the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting nothing. Yep, here we go again with that same ole socio-economic shizz.

Hold on,  I know that people have been saying that for years but just in case you still don’t get it… there are levels to this shizz, people. The late great German philosopher, economist Karl Marx explained it centuries ago in his book entitled The Communist Manifesto when he spoke of the high and mighty bourgeoisie (Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and the Koch inequality_304brothers) and the lowly proletariat (you). In his writings Marx spelled out the levels and reasoning for the American capitalistic construct of the bosses (the 1%) and the workers (the 99%).  He even speculated on an economic system where there would be a equitable division and distribution of wealth and resources among all of the people (Utopia). Of course the bourgeoisie (old and new) rail against this notion of equality because of  their inherent superiority complex issues. So, we must plod on with this current capitalist system.


Okay, if the collected works of Herr Marx is a mite too lofty and deep for your taste then you may wish to sample a bit of the wisdom of a much more recent thinker. French economist Thomas Piketty.  In his book Capital in the 21st Century,  Piketty rallies us to action by informing us that “Power cedes nothing without demand.”  In short, if you don’t find our current socio- economic situation  to your liking then you need to get off your ass and do something. Graphs and pie charts are good but,  your best economic indicator  of your wealth is your wallet. Protect yourself in this season of Golden Showers.   Think about it!

submitted by Braxton Gray

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