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The Implicit Association Test

I always prided myself for having an open outlook when it comes to race. It doesn’t make a difference whether a person’s color is white, black, or magenta; it’s all the same to me. But after taking the implicit association test (IAT), a series of online timed tests created by Project Implicit aimed at measuring a person’s unconscious racial bias, the computer screen was telling me otherwise: that I indeed possessed a bias against African Americans and contained a preference for Caucasians. Well, that’s news to me!

Racial bias isn’t always apparent. Everyone and their mother contain implicit attitudes, “positive and negative evaluations that occur without conscious awareness towards an attitude, object, or the self.” Research shows that 75 percent of all participants of the IAT demonstrate a reflexive preference to white skinned people. Getting a test result back that indicates an unconscious bias doesn’t mean one is racist. Not at all! Implicit attitudes are a routine facet of being a regular human being. Nonetheless, it’s vital to uncover these implicit attitudes so that we can figure out how they impact our daily life and thus move beyond them.

Curious with how you would fare on the IAT? Click this link to take the test!

– Quenton