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It seems so simple.

Unemployment is high.

The strength of our American infrastructure is low.

Yeah, it seems so damn monumentally simple to connect these two elements and benefit everyone (not just the unemployed). We did it before and we can do it again.

Back in 1939 (when the dinosaurs roamed) a program was implemented by the president at that time, Franklin D. Roosevelt called the Work Progress

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Administration. This program attacked two major problems of that time; unemployment and the lack of a descent infrastructure (sound familiar?). From the time of the program’s inception until its demise (1935-1943)  it ultimately provided  some 8 million jobs. Oh, and it did more than that! By putting  people back to work this program restored their dignity and their  faith in their government as a entity that does care about their safety and well being.

On the news we are constantly reminded of the failed health of our

source: wheresmy jetpack
source: wheresmy jetpack

economy and of our failing infrastructure. Oh, I’m sorry,  what do I mean by infrastructure?

Well, the infrastructure is our roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, railways, and anything else essential to our health, wealth, and economy. With that being said, how can we explain not investing in our people and our home?

We may see the homeless and unemployed on our streets but do we see the shear neglect and disrepair of our streets? Boom! Put it together people. Its the ole “two birds-one stone theory”. We can fix two problems

source: Brookings.com
source: Brookings.com

with one solution, get your federal and state legislatures to lobby (yes, i said that bad word,lobby) for a new New Deal. Instead of spending money on fixing other countries, tell your representatives to FIX US! Next year will be voting time so, catch the politicians’ ears while they are listening. Tell them our people are hurting and our roads are hurting, Fix Us! Think about it.

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