Vampires and Zombies

Vampire and Zombie

Even though we have just emerged out the season of trick or treating along with its hosts of ghouls and goblins, we are still able to catch real-life “scary movies”  starring such villains as the team of Racial Intolerancecartoon vampire and Wealth and Income Inequality. These two constructs are presently (and always have been) sucking the blood out of American society so, the Word-Sword has dubbed them Vampires.  

We in American society whom have fallen under the dual effects of Intolerance and Inequality 461924e0c4545db9193fb159_640_zombiesonly to have to shuffle through our daily existence as sometimes little more than “the walking dead” thusly have been dubbed as Zombies. 

Now the story unfolds as the societal blood sucking constructs of Inequality and Intolerance use their formidable weapon of divisions between the races, income levels, and genders to weaken and kill the practitioners of Capitalism there by turning them into their minions of Consumers (Spoiler Alert : All serve the almighty 1% ).

The story progresses through time while the Zombies of society fight to regain their humanity as they try to cross the perilous  canyons of wage and wealth disparities, inequity in housing and services, and inequality of occupational compensation along the lines of race and especially gender. The walking dead pass signs proclaiming  such useful understandings as “Get Up, Get Out and Do Something!’, “Knowledge is Power”, or the more simply stated “Wake Up!’. Do the Zombie 99% heed the call to arms of these messages? Some do, some don’t. Some even make it across the Racial, Wealth, and Income Inequality canyon in such good shape that they can also become societal bloodsucking Vampires themselves and feed upon the life’s blood of their former comrades at arms.


The final chapter of this “scary story” has not yet  been written (at least not as of this telling) but, we do know that more and more of the 99% societal  “walking dead” are indeed waking up and demanding not just life but a better life of equality. Think about it and have a Happy Thinksgiving.         Fight the Power pic


Submitted by Braxton Gray

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