About a week ago I played “Spent”  a computer game that attempts to simulate the experience of the working parent with a limited budget. You start out with $1000 dollars and very few assets to assist you. Your job with a single decision can turn sour with switching your method of payment. In order to survive for just under a month I was forced to cut corners by choosing not to receive medical treatment for injuries and taking loans from friends. At points the honest decision was not the most viable decision. The choice of paying the driver of car a you accidentally rear ended or driving away with you son in the back to save a few hundred bucks wasn’t an easy one. Life as it was forced me to miss key moments in my son’s life in order to make rent or improve our quality of living . One aspect of the game that I wished they delved into was the emotional strain of life coupled with the physical and psychological burdens of work and finances. It certainly showed me what I might have to do in these situations. And though I don’t plan on having children the scenarios are all the same applicable.

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