The Gender Wage Gap Exists


Gender Gap with men on one side of abyss and woman on the other
Gender Gap with men on one side of abyss and woman on the other

It’s not news that women get paid considerably less than men, especially if you’re a woman of color. In 2014, it was stated that women who worked full time in the U.S were typically paid just 79 percent of what men were made. Why is this?

The gap has narrowed over the decades, but the fact that it still exists is an issue. Women of color get the shorter end of wages when compared to white men and women, although the gender gap is smaller for women compared to men in the same group.


This gender wage gap affects women of all races, education, and fields of work. In latest news, Jennifer Lawrence wrote in an essay that even she, a very successful female actress, gets lower pay than her male co-stars. Income inequality affects everyone.

Less pay an hour, less salary, means that women will make a lot less in their lifetime than men will. How can someone raising a family on their own ever make a reasonable living in this country? It’s about time women receive a raise.

Today, women have increasingly become more educated than men, however, this has not reduced the wage gap by much. Critics of the issue blame the gap on majority of women choosing lower-income jobs such as education, but statistics show that this rebuttal does not hold. Women who had the same careers as men were proven to be paid less than them.

How can this wage gap be closed? Companies need to commit to paying their workers, either man or woman, fairly. Equal work deserves equal pay. Women need to fight for their right for equal pay and learn how to better negotiate with their employers. Congress needs to make policies that force employers to follow the law of equal pay.

By: Jesmarie Disdiel

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