Equal pay for Equal work

gender gap imageWomen in the workplace have been getting the short end of the straw for quite some time when it comes to equal pay versus their male counterparts.  And according to an article from ctmirror.org, http://ctmirror.org/2014/01/31/connecticut-women-victims-of-pay-gap/#graphic ,Connecticut has one of the widest gender wage gaps in the Northeast.  We’re one of the wealthiest states in the Union, but yet Vermont pays women higher wages than we do (85 percent vs. 78 percent of a man’s income).  The land of farms and cheese is more progressive than us; that’s pretty sad.

The article also states that one of the reasons for lower pay is that women are more likely to take time off of work to have children and care for their families.  This makes a broad assumption that every single women is going to have/want children.  I know quite a few women who have no desire to have children.  Should they be forced to earn less in the advancement of their careers because of this assumption?  And what about the single mothers who rely on a sole income to provide for their family. Should they be forced to work two jobs just to make ends meet because one job isn’t enough to keep a roof over their family’s head and food on the table?

The fact is that women hold more advanced degrees than men in the workplace.  So imagine how demoralizing it must be when they have invested all of that time, energy, and most importantly tuition to advance their education, and right out of the gate they enter the workplace and are faced with an immediate disadvantage. My fellow female co-workers work just as hard as I do on a daily basis.  These arcane wage policies have no place in a modern society. It’s the year 2015 Government!; time to wake up and smell the discrimination.

Kevin Hayes



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