“Da roof is on fire!”


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On any given weekend night, at any given urban dance club you may find yourself chanting ” da roof, da roof is on fire... we don’ t need no water just let da mother f*cker burn! “. This chant is a fun loving way to get the dancers engaged and excited but,  in the real world our collective roofs are indeed on fire (if you’re lucky enough to have one). To the wealthy 1% your roof doesn’t even matter as long as it is not near their roof.

Recently the Word-Sword was in attendance at a classroom  lecture conducted by David Fink , Policy Director for the Partnership for Strong Communities. Mr. Fink  provided those in attendance with a partnership picgreater understanding of the deepening  disparities in housing between the fortunate few and me and you. In a nutshell, David Fink highlighted what club goers have learned from the old school rappers, Wu-Tang Clan “Cash Rules Everything Around Me- C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla dolla bills y”all”.

While we were being entertained by those lyrics events were occurring to Nimby picbring sad realism to their content. Cash rules were you live, where and how your children are educated, and your overall sense of social well being. David Fink made concrete what we may have only suspected, the privileged do not want the under-privileged in their “backyards” and this is indeed by design.  The bosses do not want to see the bums so the they cry “N.I.M.B.Y.- not in my back yard”.  They coin fancy terms such as affluent enclaves for their neighborhoods but the Word-Sword only knows them as areas that he better be out of before dark or he will be like a broken watch…stopped every few minutes.

It shouldn’t  be that better money buys you better schools, fresher food, and a better roof in Partnership stat pica better neighborhood. David Fink and the Partnership for Strong Communities advocate for equality in our living conditions so we can all live well whether we live in Hartford or Greenwich. Think about it!

Submitted by Braxton Gray



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