Modern “Middle Class” Family

Not only has the definition of a family changed, as depicted on the show “Modern Familyā€¯, but also has the definition of a middle class family.
People may have defined the middle class family as a two-parent household, with a house and a car, and the father being the primary breadwinner. They lived well and never had to worry about paying the bills.
Today, there are many different definitions of middle class. Websites such as CNN Money believes a middle class income is between $46,000 to $140,000, meaning a household consumes between $38,000 to $50,000. Others may think this is far-off fetched.middle

The middle class should be considered the average for households. It shouldn’t be defined by a family’s income or consumption, but rather by their standard of living. I believe middle class means you live comfortably; bills aren’t a main worry, but still something thought about. If income is a factor, then middle class should be broken up by lower and upper middle class. Lower could live comfortably, and upper-middle meaning more than comfortable, where extra money can be spent elsewhere. Upper is close to being rich without all the crazy spending or huge amount of money left over.
Too many factors are used to define the middle class, which is why there is so much talk that the middle class is dead. The middle class isn’t dead; it’s just different than what it used to be.
by: Jesmarie Disdiel

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