Unfamiliar by Jalen Manzie

In my writing for electronic media course I was instructed to take some sort of online test in order to show me which group of people I relate to more, light skinned or dark skinned people.

This was highly interesting, I’ve always noticed myself leaning towards one set group of friends more than the other which of course were two different race groups.

Now even though I grew up around mainly dark skinned people, I always found myself relating more to the light skinned group throughout high school and I would say even now.

Cousins of mines are light skinned and good friends are the same so before taking this test, I already had a picture in my mind that I one hundred percent related to the light skinned group although I’m dark skinned myself.

It took me through a series of tests, asking me to group words together along with colored and non colored faces to sort of calculate which group I related to and clicked into the group faster.

I knew, or at least thought I knew for a fact that my score would indicate that I would relate with the lighter skinned individuals, but to my surprise, I was wrong.

Then it dawned on me, this is a computer test that I didn’t even take seriously because once I learn how something works, I tend to attempt to speed through it; so for example once I knew I had to press a certain button to group a dark face with the others then my muscle memory would allow me to do it faster when it reoccurs.

There’s no way you could tell which group I am more familiar with based off of a computer test, I believe it would take a bit more studying and information to be taken down before you can make that assumption. Until then…….

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