Makes Me Wanna Holla by Braxton Gray


Ferguson maps

The late great soul singer Marvin Gaye said it best when he said “Makes me wanna holla and throw up both my hands!”.  Race and inequality in America really does make me feel that way. Whether it is Ferguson, Baltimore, or even the North end of Hartford, we still must address the “elephant in the room“… melanin (or a lack there of) and money (or again a lack thereof). We are only seen when we are heard (the Invisible Man 2015). If money talks then, we have to find a way for those without it to be heard.

The Ferguson Report addressed this point by attempting to chart a path of discussion to address issues of how we treat each other and why. The report made it clear that no journey begins without taking the first step. That first step in this case is non-avoidance and by this I mean discussing, debating, arguing, and even laughing together about these issues that keep us divided. Black men used to get hanged before we got together and put a stop to that shizz and that type of movement is needed again.  Ignorance ain’t bliss y’all.

The movements in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City only caught steam after those in power saw that united our voices grew louder. The Invisible Man was only seen when he has heard. The Ferguson Report seemed to highlight the need to come together and chart that path through this societal jungle filled with lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my!). Never forget that the police are here to serve and protect not attack and neglect. THINK ABOUT IT!

Ferguson cartoon



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