A Dollar Sign on Happiness

College is a crucial time in any person’s life. Whether you’re 18 and fresh out of high school, or in your forties returning for your degree, making the decision of which school to attend is one of the hardest decisions you have to make in life. Your success academically will determine your future, so picking the right school for you couldn’t be more imperative.

Collegescoreboard.ed.gov has set out to try to make that decision a little easier. With numbers and statistics on everything from graduation rates and the average earnings after graduation, this site has provided some essential information on picking a school. Or has it?

Yes of course money is important, and knowing how much debt you’ll be in after college is necessary, but where are the numbers telling you that this debt will be worth it. You can stare at numbers all day on this site, but one thing it will not ever tell you, is will your college experience, whether is be socially, emotionally or academically, be worth the thousands of dollars you’re investing in this one school.

Sure, a great school that’s $60,000 a year can give you a higher salary and change you into a more marketable employee. But what this site won’t tell you is how pleased you are with your experience from that school, or if you just spent four years of your life miserable for a higher pay in the future. Is sacrificing who you are in college worth it?

By Jessica Vezina

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