Am I The Only One?

         Am I Racist

And the answer is ‘inconclusive.’ According to the Implicit Bias Test after five separate attempts there were too many errors to determine a result.

Thing is do I really need a test to determine if I’m in favor of or against a particular group?This test wouldn’t be able to determine that MY PREFERENCE is multicultural. But it would box me in a category of white or black. Although it would have been interesting to see my results, I feel that this test had too many restrictions. I asked myself did the structure of this test make sense and Why was it?

CONFUSING. When having to choose a black or white face along with the word associations and pressing the letters { E or I} it became very frustrating and confusing to me to match up the correct identities. I felt like i was playing a game instead.

TIMED. I know first impressions are usually based on what we see. But my biggest problem with this test is that you have to rush to give an answer. If you rush how accurate is your answer?

LIMITED. The questions that were being asked in this test had a lot to do with upbringing. Asking for things like zip codes and parents point of views about black or white are all important aspects of trying to get a full understanding of someones preference.


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Which do you choose? 

This test might help you to determine your subconscious feelings.

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By: Krystal Copeland

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