The Dream


“The Dream”

When we imagine the American Dream, many of us have the same picture in mind. We think of safety, freedom, wealth, and equality. Immigrants move to our country every year to create a better life for themselves0023ae72898c15b4310959 and their family. We experience this flood of souls from all over the world with the simple dream to live just as American born citizens are given the right to. As we see so many people travel miles to live as Americans, we have to wonder why so many Americans feel cheated out of the life they were born with the right to live. Our country is the wealthiest it’s ever been, yet the wealth isn’t distributed throughout the entire economy. Rather, it is concentrated at the top 1% of Americans who not only make outrageous amounts of money every year, but pay less taxes than those in the middle class, and then invest their money in personal funds where it remains stagnant and never invested back into the country’s economy. The middle class is essential to keeping our economy prosperous, and with the current system in place, society is caught in a world they can’t afford controlled by a corruptive government run with a capital principle.

Nicolette Johnston


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