Capitalism, Class, and Cash by Braxton Gray

Poor vs RichQuick,  get out your magnifying glass because the American middle class is shrinking! If trends of wealth and inequality continue as they previously have, America may digress into a third-world socio-economic state. Before you dismiss this as dramatic bulls_ _t just stop and consider that right now you as a young consumer are probably taking money out of your own pocket and making someone of the “one percent” even richer while you fall further into the “99 percent”. This is not to say, “stop buying stuff!”, because that’s not gonna happen. We live in a capitalistic society. That being said, let us get to the chief purpose of this blog….to explore the connection (or disconnection) between wealth, inequality, and race in America.

In upcoming posts we will delve into how the many (99%) are being left behind by the few (1%) and how race is effected by these divisions. This subject will be investigated using examples taken from a host of reference material gathered in an effort to inform and also entertain. The purpose here is not to overthrow our current American economy and society but just to gain a better understanding of how and why sometimes… Black and Brown don’t make Green. THINK ABOUT IT!




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